10 Things Everyone Needs To Do With Fabric Softener

Fabric softener is a pretty common household item. It softens our clothes in the wash and makes them smell devine, but what else can this wonderfully soft smelly liquid be used  for?

You can save so much money swapping expensive household regulars for fabric softener , you can even use it for your hair!

Have a read below to find out exactly how you can make the most out your fabric softener..



Use It On Your hair

uses for fabric conditioner. hairdressers remedy to extra soft silky hair. 10 uses for fabric softener you need to know now

Want hair to die for? Put a cap full of fabric softener in to a bottle of conditioner and use it as normal. It will leave your hair smelling amazing, shiny and of course fabulously soft. This little mixture will save you buying expensive conditioning serums and treatments.


Clean your windows

how you can use fabric conditoner to help your life. 10 ways you can use fabric softener.

Use fabric softener to clean windows and get a streak free finish. Mix 1 part softener to 4 parts water. Spray your windows and clean!


Reduce The Static On Your TV Screen

10 ways you can use fabric conditioner. life hacks. fabric conditioner amazing uses around the house

Simply wipe your television screen with fabric softener to stop the static building up. Be sure to be carefull with LCD screens. Lightly dampen a cloth with water and a drop of fabric softener then wipe your television screen with it.


Keep Paintbrushes Pliable

How you can use fabric conditioner to in your daily life to make it easier and save cash. Great uses for fabric conditioner. How you can use fabric conditioner - amazing uses for fabric conditioner

When finished with your paint brush, clean it out thoroughly and give it a rinse. You can then put the paintbrush in cup or container filled with water and a drop of fabric softener. Let the paintbrush soak for a minute or two then give it another rinse. This will stop it from hardening and keep it in tip top shape to be used again.


Remove Hairspray Residue


Dried up hairspray can be tough to remove from units and walls. To remove dried up hairspray mix 1 part liquid fabric softener to 2 parts water, put the mixture into a spray bottle and shake.  Spray the desired residue areas then clean with a cloth, to finish give an overall wipe with a dry cloth.


Grime – be gone!


This fabric softener tip saves you from scrubbing stubborn grime endlessly. Soak burned on foods, from casserole dishes. Fill your casserole dish with hot water and some fabric conditioner then soak until the grime wipes off. You can use little or alot of fabric softener for this to work.


Keep Car Mats Soft

10 great uses for fabric softener. use fabric softener for these 10 things

Car mats can become rough and dry when washing them with normal detergent.To keep your car floor mats soft and in better condition – pour fabric softener into a bucket and dilute it about 40 times with water. Wash the mats with this mixture then rinse.


Replace Air Fresheners

10 ways you can use fabric softener. 10 ways you should fabric softener now

Purchase a concentrated package of fabric softener and store in drawers, bathrooms, cupboards or your car in place of an air freshener. This beats an air freshener any day as it lasts much longer and it won’t be too overpowering!


Remove wallpaper

Sort yourself out for DIY projects and save cash with this homemade wallpaper remover. Mix one cap full of fabric softener with 1 litre of water and sponge the solution onto wallpaper. Leave it for 20 minutes then scrape the wallpaper off as normal.,Some wallpapers can be water resistant, if so scrub the paper with a wire brush then apply this solution,


Make fabric softener sheets

Fabric softener sheets are quite expensive to purchase compared to liquid fabric softener. Make your own by adding a little liquid fabric softener to a damp cloth. Pop the cloth into your dryer with clothes and it works just the same.

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