Savings Report February 2017

My 5 money savers in February 2017


Since January 2017 I have cracked down on our spending habits. I looked at our monthly outgoings and my goal is to try and save money on a few things per month. Ranging from bills, shopping and what seems to be unnecessary spending habits.

  • Canceled our Sky Sports package and another few add ons. Our bill was £120 per month and now it’s £80. I feel a  whole lot better. What was i thinking paying out £120 per month for a TV package. AHHH.

  • Ate out/takeaways only 4 times this month. Still a lot i know but this is half of our usual amount to eat out. I’m assuming that’s at least a £40 saving for the month.

  • Managed to avoid purchasing my usual monthly make up treat. I spend at least £30 a month on makeup – but this month i decided to give it a miss. I’m so proud! £30 saved!

  • WINE! I tried to cut down on my weekly wine purchases. So far saved around £5 per week so that’s a whole £20 this month invested into my pocket instead of a sore head.

  • I swapped my usual Tesco shop for Aldi this month. Tesco will cost us around £80-£100 per week. That’s a minimum of £320 we spend on a monthly basis.  When i calculated this it made me feel slightly nauseous. Aldi has cost us around £60 on average every week. We have saved £80 this month, minimum!

All in this month I have saved £210 being a bit more money savvy. It hasn’t been difficult at all in fact i barely noticed …apart from my makeup treats :(. I am so pleased with saving £210 in 4 weeks.


My money saving goals for March

  • Try and cut my mobile contract down. It’s currently at £60 per month, ideally I would like it to be brought down to £40. I hardly call anyone and I’m not glued to social media constantly so my data usage shouldn’t be too high. Hopefully my service provider can wiggle this monthly payment down a bit.

  • Again I want to cut out the unhealthy takeaways, even further this time to only 2 per month…we will see if i can stick to this. It’s just so much more convenient  to order food in when you have had a hectic day. If I manage this it will be another £20 saved. Heres hoping.

  • Swap Sky TV for NOW TV. It’s so much cheaper! I had a NOW TV box a few years back and it was great but somehow we got roped into an “amazing” deal from Sky. That was that. I honestly can’t justify paying such high prices for just watching TV every month with Sky. It annoys me so much!

  • I would like to make a bigger payment towards our car in March. This will reduce our monthly payments for it over the next few years. Not sure exactly how much this will save us per month but I will look into it.

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