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Product Testing Websites

FREEBIES…we all love a freebie! Companies love to give us freebies! Why you ask? Brands depend on personal opinions and word of mouth to drive sales and stay on top of what people like and what people don’t. If you are willing to keep FREE products and  give your honest review/opinion on such items you have came to the right place.

Below are 8 websites I have either personally used or know of through various sources to be reputable. You can sign up, and earn yourself some free goodies – ranging from nappies to electrical shavers.


Tesco Home Panels

Tesco is a major supermarket in the UK so it isn’t any wonder Tesco Home Panels was developed. The freebies they send range from shaving foam, cat litter, toilet roll and items of clothing. You will need a Tesco Clubcard to apply for the products. The Tesco Clubcard is free to apply for and you can do it here via this link . Even if you don’t get selected for test some goodies you will receive one point for every time you do the survey application. Once you have 50 points you will get yourself a Bonus Bond voucher worth £10 to spend at Argos, Boots or Debenhams. Well worth sparing 5 minutes of your time to apply.


Senses Club

This freebie website is only for woman aged 18-65. Not sure why but i’m guessing its because most of their freebies are mostly woman related. Free gifts from this website include Perfume, washing up liquid etc. Just last year I had a divine shampoo and conditioner sent from Senses club. I received an email confirming that I was chosen to take part in a trial and 2 weeks later the products arrived. Bit of a wait for the items but I suppose you can’t complain when these items are FREE!


Clicks Research

The company Clicks Research offers free items from big name brands such as Boots, Marks and Spencer’s, The Body Shop and Liz Earle. I have bagged myself a free moisturiser and chocolates since signing up a few months ago. If you don’t happen to get picked to test a product you can complete their surveys for 25-200 click points. Once you have earned 2,500 click points you can exchange them for £25. I haven’t managed to do this yet as I haven’t spent enough time on this site, but let me know if any of you manage to earn yourself a free £25.


Alba Science

I first heard of Alba Science a year ago, but didn’t bother to sign up. I liked their Facebook page and seen regular updates of upcoming trials that would be available. After i seen the free products they where offering I took the time to sign up. Within 1 week I got sent a fake tan to test. Regularly people post to their Facebook page showing off the item they have acquired. The freebies include makeup, shampoo and face masks. It seems this company offer a great bunch of goodies to test out. I would love to get some makeup to trial.



If you register on this website and take part in the paid surveys you will occasionally get sent emails inviting you to test products.

It’s worth doing the surveys for i-Say. I have earned myself £10 Amazon vouchers monthly as well as being sent free products to test. Even better, You can earn points when you take a survey on an item that you have previously tested. If you complete one survey you can get anything from 5 – 250 points.You need around 1,380 points to get yourself a £10 Amazon voucher. It could be an idea to save these vouchers up and use them to purchase Christmas gifts. This will save you a small fortune come December.



This website is more commonly known for its paid surveys but it gives away great freebies too. Toluna will offer you free products to test if you complete their online surveys. If you don’t want to complete surveys, you can just go to the product testing page and apply for trials directly.


Review and Share websites

‘Review and Share’ websites send you freebies to try out in return for your review of the product. On top of this the companies require you to share and discuss the products you have trialled. Discussing the products could be sharing the product on Social Media or with a friend.You can give these products a positive or negative review, just whatever your experience has been as long as you are honest. You will always have to make people aware that the products you are testing are freebies. Especially if are discussing them on Social Media etc.


Savvy Circle

Savvy Circle awards you stars for each time you add to a ‘Campaign’. For example if you submit a review, you can earn yourself free products for telling your friends about them. I have yet to try this website out for freebies but it seems to be quite popular.



In a nutshell – Chat online or with friends about the free products you receive from BzzAgent to get more free products, and repeat.

Being an ‘Agent’ for this marketing company you have to start genuine and meaningful conversations online or with friends about the products you get for free. The more you participate the more awesome products you get to try out.


Getting your hands on some freebies couldn’t be easier. The websites listed above are definitely worth a few minutes of your time in exchange for free products . Participating in product testing is an interesting way to save some cash and have fun whilst doing it.

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