The easy guide to starting your own blog – Tried and tested by an 8 year old.

The easiest way to start your own blog. Affordable and fast way to start your own blog using Bluehost and Worpress.


I put this guide together with the help of my 8 year old daughter. I have made the steps very easy to follow and as stress free as possible, so that anyone who is everyone can start their own affordable blog. Even a child! My daughter was able to follow these steps easily and start her own blog (with the exception of entering payment details etc).


The passages in ‘Italics’ below are extra helpful information you can choose to read or skip. It would be beneficial to read these parts but you can simply just follow the normal writing area for a quicker path to starting your own blog.


Keywords that I will mention in this guide and that you should understand before continuing –


  • Blog – an informational website or web page run by an individual.
  • Niche – Creating a blog to market, on a particular interest or subject.
  • Domain name – The address of your website, put simply the name you choose for your website. Example. is the domain name of this website.
  • Website Host – A business that provides the technology and services you need for a website to be viewed on the internet.
  • Bluehost – The website host I use below for setting up your own blog.
  • WordPress – A powerful website content management system. Very beneficial when starting your own blog.


Before doing anything technical –


  • You most importantly have to decide what it is you want to blog about. What is your passion in life? What are you great at? Think about this.


The next important thing to decide is –


  • what you want your website to be called. Or at least have a rough idea. This name should be as unique as you can make it and relate to what it is you’re going to be blogging about.If you are struggling for ideas just now, you can save this page and come back to it later.


So with the the above done, we move onto the technical side of things. DON’T run away just yet it’s not that bad. We will break this into manageable sections.

The technical side involves:


  1. Registering your domain name.
  2. Paying for the host of your website.
  3. Setting up WordPress for your blog.


I recommend using the Bluehost platform for the steps 1,2,3 I have mentioned above. Using Bluehost for all the above steps will make setting up your own blog as easy as possible.It is one of the most popular website hosting platforms used today. I have had a smooth run with it and it was easy to set up. The reason I got started with Bluehost is due to the amount of hype I was reading about it in the blogging world – Bluehost do not disappoint.


A bit about Bluehost:


  • Start a website for $2.95 per month (roughly £2.38).
  • Free domain name.
  • Their basic plan is all you need to get started and it’s affordable.
  • Bluehost provide free WordPress (WordPress is a blogger and website must).
  • No contract and money back guarantee – even after 11 months.


You can start your own website for $2.95 per month.That’s roughly £2.38. I recommend the 12 month standard plan.You really don’t need anything more than the 12 month standard package to get started off. With this you get a free domain name (website name).If you decide you want to upgrade in the future you can do so at anytime. Bluehost have a money back guarantee – even after 11months. I find the Bluehost technical support second to none. I have contacted their tech support team one million times asking silly questions about all sorts and they are more than happy to help.


Follow this easy 1,2,3 below.


1.Sign up for Bluehost – Register your domain name

Sign up for Bluehost web hosting and pick your domain name through this link. Come back  to this page once you have did this.

Tip – Unless your blog niche has a specific audience, when deciding on a name try and keep it as versatile as possible i.e. “.com” or “.org”.

This way any individual can relate to your blog regardless of where they live in the world.


2. Package


Choose your package on Bluehost.

Tip -The starter plan is all that you need, you can choose to upgrade in the future – if you do choose to upgrade the price you have already paid will be deducted.There is no contract with Bluehost and if you should decide it isn’t for you anymore you will get a money back guarantee.

  Sign up –

3. Install WordPress



Now that step 1 and 2 are complete you should receive an email from Bluehost with a link attached.


  • Click this link. This link should take you to “cPanel” (short for control panel).


  • Once on “cPanel” find the icon that says “One Click Install”
  •  Click on the Word Press icon. It’s a large blue “W” sign.
  • To install this click the “Start a brand new install” button.



  • You will see a drop down menu
  • Click on the drop down menu and choose what domain you would like to register on WordPress.



  • Next you will come across the “Advanced Options” for WordPress.
  • Pick a unique username and password in the “Advanced Options”.



  • Again click “Install Now”.
  • Lastly write your username and password down so that you don’t forget it!

You should now be at your WordPress dashboard!



WELL DONE! You have got your very own blog! Now it’s time for you to get creative and blog away.

Any questions please just email me and i will do my best to help out.


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