50+ Real Ways You Can Make Money Without a Job In 2017

A guide to 50+ sources that you can use to make money online or at home. You can make hundreds everymonth


A guide to 50+ sources that you can use to make money online or at home. You can make hundreds everymonth
50+ Real ways you can make money 2017


Would you like to know 50+ ways that can help and earn an extra income?

There’s always a way to make extra money. Whether it’s to help towards holiday costs or supplement your income. You don’t need to have lots of time on your hands to earn money, it can literally take seconds to start doing. I love helping others find new ways to earn and make a better life for themselves.

In this post I have gathered ‘real’ Websites and Applications I have personally used or know to be reputable for making money.


Start your own blog

You can earn a lot of money blogging. If you have a passion for a particular subject or clued up about the hobby you do – start your own blog. There’s a whole world of internet out there with plenty of space for you to add your unique content and help others . If you want an incredibly quick  guide to starting your own blog read The Easy Guide to starting your own blog – Tried and tested by an 8 Year old is ideal for you to check out. My guide is super easy, you can create your own blog on Bluehost for as little as £2.95 per month and you will get FREE WordPress through this link too!


Freelance writing jobs

  • Upwork is one of the best websites to have a look at if you want to earn money writing. It has something for everyone. I’m not the best writer and I have bagged myself a few jobs through this site. It offers short projects, large projects and pay by hour projects. So you can have a browse through the jobs available and Take your pick.
  • Gumtree/Craigslist offer various writing jobs despite their reputations for being buy and sell platforms.
  • College Recruiter is exactly as the name suggests, for college students. If you are a graduate or currently studying you can search for jobs that suit your writing level.
  • Freelancer is a massive platform. It offers all sorts of online jobs including, freelance writing, data entry and admin, translations and marketing just to name a few.You can sign up and choose what categories suit your working level, needs and expertise.
  • Media Bistro is a perfect writing platform if you fancy something different. It offer lots of writing jobs on things such a Tv, Social Media and Magazines.
  • BloggingPro Job Board is an interesting job seeking site. It pays you for writing about anything you chose. The list of jobs are endless and it can be a fun way to earn money if you are writing about a subject you enjoy.


Sell whatever you don’t need on Ebay

Ebay is a popular selling platform. You can reach people all over the world who will buy almost anything.

If you are anything like me you might think you need to hang on to everything INCASE you need it again. I am just a secret hoarder really but I’m trying hard not to be.

If you can part with 2 items a week and list them for at least £5 per item you will have made £40 in one month. It’s not a lot of money but you get my idea. That’s £480 in a year for an extra income! You could put that towards a holiday or pay off debt. Every little really does help. It only takes 10 minutes to put an item up for sale using their app.

I have made hundreds over the last few years from selling all sorts, even an old pair of shoes! Always be honest when you list your item to sell, explain in the description exactly what condition it’s in. Ebay is a great way to make some serious money!


Get paid to shop

TopCashback is a programme designed to give you as the customer cash back in your pocket just for shopping! Aaamazing. It has over over 4,600 well known retailers that offer cash back when you shop. Its quick and free to join, It reward via paypal, bank transfer or with an Amazon.co.uk gift card. If you sign up through my link here you will receive £10 FREE!

Ebates is the American version of TopCashback. You earn cash rewards just for shopping. Sign up here and you will receive $10 FREE!


Have a shot at Matched betting


For those of you who haven’t heard of this term before, don’t panic. It’s not a gamble, it’s all based on applying a mathematical strategy rather than chancing your arm and leg. In a nutshell, It’s the process of making money off the free bets the bookmakers offer you. This method requires you to back a bet then lay it at the exchange. Matched Betting is a risk free and tax free way to make hundreds every month. You need some patience and time to get your head around how it works, but once you have…your winning! It can be done as little or as much as you want and it only takes all of around 10-15 minutes of your time.

I have made over £800 in 1 month when I signed up with Oddsmonkey, if it hadn’t been for my work commitments I could have made almost double this.I will dedicate a post on exactly how Matched Betting works very soon! You can sign up here for FREE  at Oddsmonkey. It provides you with all the information you will ever need via “How to” videos and easy to read guides. When you join for free via this link you will not have to give any sort of bank details. The free service enables you use their tools to make up to £50. Yes that’s right, FREE MONEY!  You can then decide if you would like to up your game and pay for their monthly subscription at £15.99 per month (you can literally make hundreds)…or you can simply just take your free money and not bother, whatever suits. 


Get paid to test Websites

I have tried this. It was different but i enjoyed it!

Testing a website requires you to speak aloud when navigating through a website you have been allocated. Normally the tester talks about the layout of the website, how easy it is to navigate through and how quickly you can find information.

Whatusersdo.com pay £8 for website testing and £15 for testing a mobile site. It takes around 15 minutes to complete each test.It requires you to download software so they can track what you are doing during the test.  You have to speak out loud and explain what you are doing on the sites as you go along. It sounds silly at first and a bit freaky but it’s such an easy £8-£15.

I have made around £70 a month doing this in my spare time.

Other Websites I recommend for website testing:



www.testingtime.com – this site pays a bit more than others.


Advertise on your car

Are you happy to drive around with advertisements on your car AND get paid for it? If you don’t mind wrapping your car in ads, you can earn up to £200 per month just for putting a sticker on your car. Ask a local business if you can advertise for them or sign up to a website such as Use That Space. You can decide what companies you are comfortable advertising for and decline the ones you aren’t so keen on.


Rent out your car

You can earn thousands renting out your car to someone who needs it in your area. The company Rentecarlo and Easy Car Club give you the option to sign up with them and rent your car out. If you aren’t comfortable lending your car to a stranger you could rent your car to friends or family for a set price.



easy extra income ideas to make hundreds every month. 50+ ways to have a side income. 2017 quick and simple ways to make lots of money.
Easy extra income ideas 2017. 50+ ideas to earn a decent amount on the side. Make hundreds every month.


Uber is a personal taxi service. The company allows you to be your own boss and set your own schedule. Currently Uber operate in 77 countries to date and is worth a massive 70 billion!

To earn money with Uber you should have been driving for at least a year and over 21 years of age.You must own a 4 door vehicle that isn’t older than 2006. You can sign up through this link here.


Make money loosing weight

Yes you read that right.

You can get paid for dropping the pounds at HealthyWage.com. This would be such a fun and exciting way to give you a kick of motivation when you fall off the wagon. You can see success stories of users who have won 1000’s of pounds on the Healthy Wage website. Such a great idea.


Swag bucks

This is a great platform to earn money from. You can make money using Swagbucks in a number of ways such as, completing surveys, shopping online, searching the web and watching videos. The money you earn can be redeemed through gift cards for top brands or simply request cash back through paypal. I use Swagbucks when I have a spare few minutes – it all adds up over time. Sign up here free.



Take part in surveys and earn yourself hundreds. There are a lot of reputable survey companies out there you can join. Here are a few of my favorite sites to use.



Fiverr is a global online marketplace that offers jobs starting at as little as 5 Pounds, 5 Dollars, 5 Euros etc. You can offer gigs on this platform in exchange for a payment. You could draw a specific thing at someone’s request, record your voice for an advert or write content. It has a constant flow of work available. Whether you are selling your own uniqueness (if that’s a thing) or buying some one else’s, Fiverr has so much you can chose from.


Scan your receipts for cash

Receipt Hog and Quidco have apps available to download, register and you can scan your receipts from any shop to earn cash. I have used both of these companies. They are easy and straightforward to use however I prefer Receipt Hog with it’s fun app layout. If you sign up using my code  – jiv81414 you will receive 5 free coins! This is only available for the first 20 people that use this code, so I will remove it from here when it runs out.


Recycle your mobiles and old devices for money

The website Mazuma offers money for mobiles and tablets. Simply sign up online enter your gadgets information and get a quote on how much money you will make. You can then mail your goods to Mazuma for free. It doesn’t have to be old items either,  you can get a quick sale for new devices too.


Get cash for your DVDS, Books, and Games Consoles

musicMagpie is a service you can sell your old books, DVDs and consoles too. It also accepts mobiles and tablets. To save time you can download their app, scan the barcodes of the items you want cash for and see instantly how much they are valued at.


Sell your photos

If you are a budding photographer or have fantastic photo taking skills you could sell your photos to reputable companies such as:


  • iStock – earn 15%-45% for every download your photo gets.
  • Shutterstock – earn anything from $0.25 – $28 each time an image of yours sells.
  • Fotolia – between 20% and 63% for every sale you get.


Get crafty for cash

Are you crafty and creative? If so you could make hundreds selling your handmade items. Etsy is a popular crafts website with so many unique gifts you can buy and sell. I love browsing and buying things off Etsy (maybe too much). Their categories are endless and you can sell almost anything on the platform, with it having such an active community. You do have to pay a small listing fee when selling, although this will be easily covered after a few sales. You can Click here to sign up if you fancy it.


Get paid for having a large following on Social Media

If you are a Social Media obsessed and have lots of followers on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. You could get paid to advertise for brands and companies. Simply approach the brands you would like to advertise for and see what they say. Even better you could be approached by the companies themselves.


Make money on Youtube

If you have a funny clip you want to share on Youtube you could be in for a big payout should it go viral. Realistically though, a great way to earn money from Youtube is posting regular content and build up a following. That way lots of people can click on numerous ads and links you have on your videos, and this  could make a profit.  One person has over 5 million subscribers just for videos of them opening Kinder Surprise eggs. Crazy right?


Mystery Shopping

I love mystery shopping it’s a such fun way to earn an extra income. Mystery shopping is basically carrying out secret shopping tasks for the company you register with. Jobs can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or two, it just depends. The company you register with will give you all the details needed to carry out your ‘mystery shop’. How, what, when, where and what to do etc. Here is a few companies I have used/ found to be reputable.

It’s important to note, any Mystery Shopping company you work with should registered with the MSPA. This ensures the business is legit and they carry out the proper standards in the industry.


Rate Music, Clothing and Mobile Apps

Developed in 2007, Slicethepie is one of the largest companies on the internet to earn money from. Sign up, and straight away start earning. Rate up coming artists, clothing and mobile phone apps. It tends to pay between £0.01 and £1 for every rating you give. Slicethepie only offer cash payouts via paypal for your work so you don’t need to worry about receiving gift vouchers etc. Pretty great!


Become a Tutor

If you are fluent in a second language or brilliant at maths you can offer your services to those who want to learn more. Companies such as TutorVista.com and Elance are two of the most popular websites to offer your services on. Overall this would be a good side income idea and you could potentially set up a profitable business doing this type of work.


Earn money doing research

A bit like mystery shopping that I previously mentioned, Field Agent offers you to complete research tasks in exchange for money. Some of the tasks are as simple as taking photos, price checking or completing surveys. Once you have finished a task you send the data straight away via their app. I found the payments from this company to be swift and the research tasks to be pretty much straight forward. It pays out anywhere from £2-£10 per task.

Similar to Field Agent is another popular research panel Roamler. Download the app and get paid to take photos of beer, restaurant menus, count the stock in supermarkets and lots more. This is an invite only panel, however if you join their Facebook group they often have invites posted on their page. I managed to get on the wagon within a week, worth it for an extra few pounds.


Answer questions

Internet companies such as AQA are sometimes on the lookout for researchers. Basically a customer sends a text message to AQA asking a question (a random one) and you, the researcher answers the question. Simple really. What’s great is you can choose the type of questions you want to answer and you can choose the hours you work. AQA have a twitter and Facebook page you can connect with to keep track on upcoming work opportunities.


Get paid to type up audio

Take Note offer typists £8/hour to type up audio. You will need Microsoft Word, at least a C in GCSE English and able to type 65 words per minute.The shifts are roughly 6 hours long and you need to do at least 2 shifts a week. Overall this is quite a demanding means of making an extra bit of money, but if you are great at typing then go for it! You can have a go at their typing test if you click this link.


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