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Over 3million children die every year due to lack of nutrients and food. 1 in 9 people in the whole world suffer from starvation, that’s over 800 million people.

Doesn’t it really hit home when you watch charity adverts on TV with small children looking malnourished and totally helpless. If you could, you would make a difference in their lives, take them home give them a life and nurse them back to health. The harsh reality of this is that we, as individuals can’t help them in this way. Well we can donate money, of course but you can only give so much depending on your funds. It can be hard to spare money to help those in need. Some of us do have the money to give and others just don’t due to living paycheck to paycheck.


Yet, there is a way we can contribute and help others without a single cost to us.

Something that will make a significant difference to those individuals life’s.


What You Can Do To Make a Difference


All that needs to be done is a simple click of a button at no cost to us.


If you head over to you will see a particularly large yellowish coloured banner saying “Click here – it’s FREE!”. Once you have clicked this link, its sponsors will donate money to the charity. How easy was that?


This clever site was launched in 1999 and has given over 800 million cups of food to the starving over the years. On average over 220, 000 individuals visit this site every day to click the yellow Click here – it’s FREE button.


How Does It Work


  • The hunger site is an advertising site, owned by the company GreaterGood. It’s not a charity as such but a profit making company.


  • It makes money by selling merchandise on the website as well as helping charity.


  • 100% of the money from the Yellow click button goes straight to charity.


  • The charities it has partnered with are all over the world and in the USA.


  • The food is distributed by Mercy Corps, a large American company that provides aid in 40 different countries.
  • Every click is worth around 1p, this feeds the starving on average around 1.1 cups of food.


The Charity button can only be clicked once per day. The website has an email service that will send daily reminders to those who sign up, prompting them to click the button, so you won’t forget.

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The hunger site has a number of sister sites that partner with very worthy charities such as aid to animals, breast cancer and the rainforest. I have listed them all below. Simply click each link and you will be taken to various coloured Click here – it’s Free buttons.



You can also play games to give to charity, this could be could be a fun way to encourage kids and help them understand how their time and efforts have helped those in need. Click this link to be taken to the Give With Games website. This is another sister site ran by GreaterGood.


If you are unable to spare a few pounds due to your funds being low or you’re not financially able to help charities as much as you would like too.It’s satisfying to know, all it takes is a few seconds and with the click of a button -you will make a huge difference. This clever way to donate is a win, win situation for charities, those in need and us as individuals

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